BOYBEADS NYC Gender Neutral Handmade Semi-Precious Bracelets by Sebastian Mitchell

Courtney could not find a lane to walk in, so he created his own. Kids would tease him about having a feminine name, but Courtney didn't see the big deal. He rose above it all and prospered! 
Courtney has all sorts of artistic interests and a wide verity of friends. He is always up for a good adventure, especially is culture is involved. Find Courtney on an exclusive rooftop discussing art history with friends. 
Made to order in our New York studio with 10mm natural stones of all varieties silver hematite, optional BOYBEADS logo. All stones are semi-precious including agate, amethyst, jade, howlite, tiger eye, quartz, sodalite. Each bracelet will be similar to the photo sample but completely unique.
Limited Edition for Gay Pride NYC 2019.

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