Hermes Clic H or Collier de Chien for Men?

Have a passion for Hermes wrist accessories but not sure how to wear them? Let me help. In this post, I will post photos of BOYBEADS bracelets paired with a few bracelets from Hermes.

Debating? Debate no more. If you like it and it fits, get it! Life is too short to waste time debating- just get it already. Dated gender rules of yesteryear have been left behind in the dark ages.

Dare to step into the light. The CDC is striking and bold- it has a presence all on its on. It really doesn't need any help. The clic H is perfect for stacking. In my opinion, it looks lonely all by itself and is best worn stacked with others. However, the CDC bracelet, bulky and studded, is best left alone in the spotlight. If you insist on stacking, just don't overdo it by being too matchy-matchy.

Matte black Clic H and The Dark Knight boy beads

Matte black Clic H and The Dark Knight boy beads

Matte black Clic H and Montgomery boy beads and Louis Vuitton graphite

Mango CDC Swift leather and boy beads

royal blue hermes clic clad and boy beads

Orange Clic HH and boybeads at Chelsea Market NYC

BOYBEADS in Cancun at Moon Palace

Lincoln Center NYC



  1. Hi. Been looking for a orange Hermes Clic HH, men's version, for a while but can't find it. Where did you get yours?


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