Wearing Black Tourmaline Crystal for Protection and Grounding

Necklace by BOYBEADS New York, NY

Black tourmaline is, in my opinion, the best crystal anyone can wear for grounding and protection for negative energies. Tourmaline cleanses dense energy and transforms it to light, positive energy in people and in space. It grounds and balances all of the chakras and is beneficial for all zodiacs.

Two-tone goldplated .925 sterling silver chain allows for easily interchanging both silver and gold pendants. This chain is lightweight and made in Italy. Stamped P. Lux Italy 925. High quality import.
This elegant chain is a very classy 18 inches long and is good for men and women; Pendant: 1.25 inches including bale; this pendant can be removed from the necklace and worn separately; the necklace can be worn without the pendant. Each black tourmaline pendant is natural and will be similar to the one in the photo but with a slightly different size and cut.
Necklace available at BOYBEADS

Harlem Maker's Collective Pop-Up

Thank you to everyone who came out to the launch of the Harlem Maker's Collective holiday pop-up shopping event last weekend. The three day shopping event was a huge success with delicious passed hors d'oeuvres by @pepperedmoon and free champagne for shoppers.

BOYBEADS necklaces. Photo by @jetsetapril 

BOYBEADS display. Photo by @jetsetapril

BOYBEADS display. Photo by @jetsetapril

Sebastian Mitchell (BOYBEADS) & Maiko Suzuki (HMC Co-Founder)

                                            BOYBEADS display. Photo by @jetsetapril

BOYBEADS display. Photo by @jetsetapril

BOYBEADS display. Photo by @jetsetapril

Harlem Maker's Collective Pop-Up Shopping Event in NYC Dec 7-9, 2018

You’re invited! The Harlem Makers Collective @harlemmakerscollective will debut at Gallery Eight @gallery8eight , a beautifully renovated gallery space on the corner of Strivers Row in historic Harlem, New York, NY.

Please join us December 7, 8 and 9 for our first holiday event highlighting local makers and producers. 

Please email if you’d like to order online and pick up at the pop up.
Visit https://www.instagram.com/harlemmakerscollective/ for a complete list of all participating businesses.

Shop the BOYBEADS collection at http://www.boybeads.com

11/11 Anniversary Sale at BOYBEADS

BOYBEADS was born on November 11, 2011. Join us in celebrating 7 years of business and shop our annual anniversary sale this November and save up to 60% OFF. These bracelets are in limited supply and will not be restocked after they sell out. 

Black Friday 2018 Sale...Preview

If you're anything like me, you don't like waiting around wondering what deals will be offered for Black Friday. This year, we're giving you the details upfront so you know exactly what to expect. Advance notice allows you to plan the smartest shopping method for your holiday gifting needs.

Here's the scoop...

Classics are the chosen members of the permanent collection of BOYBEADS. These bracelets are not seasonal but will remain available for new customers. These bracelets are customer favorites and they are a great starting place for new customers who intend to build a collection of custom bracelets.

For centuries, the skull has served as a gentle reminder of the brevity of human life in comparison to eternity. It is not used to cause fear or evil- rather, as a token of respect for human life and of remembrance of those no longer among the living. 

Great Jewelry is Always in Season

I love that jewelry is always in season. In the heat of summer and in the cold of winter, your favorite stones can caress your wrists. Even if they are hidden under layers of cashmere and wool, you know that your gems are with you because you can feel them pressing against your skin. 

When in Texas...HEB Grocery Shopping

New York has much to offer, but when it comes to grocery stores, the grand prize most certainly goes elsewhere. I'm delighted to have the convenience of corner delis and mini marts all over the city, but there's nothing quite like the massive grocery shopping centers in other parts of the country where ground space is not limited.

I'm in Houston visiting family this week and my favorite place in the city (aside from the Menil Collection) is the HEB grocery store chain. Talk about options!

50 varieties of specialty cheeses. FRESH fruit! I'm not sure I'll ever go back to NYC.
But, when I do, I'll certainly need to hit the gym to burn off the extra pounds I have accumulated.

My companions for today...

8 New Bracelets for Autumn

We've been busy working on the new collection to release in time for the holiday season and here it is! What do you think about the Blake bracelet collection? This collection features grounding wood and matte black onyx with a third accent bead to offset each bracelet.

Blake is very ambitious and has achieved financial success at a young age. He has amassed more wealth than he will ever spend in his lifetime. However, Blake does not like spending his money. He rarely ever spends on anything that isn't a necessity. His apartment is nearly empty, with only a simple wood framed bed and a pub table. 

Shop the Blake collection.

BOYBEADS for Breast Cancer Awareness October Charity Pink Quartz + Black Onyx Mens Bracelet

 Charity Collection

October is breast cancer awareness month.  Our custom breast cancer awareness bracelet is a wonderful way for men to show their support of the women in their lives. $10 from the the sale of each bracelet in this collection will be donated to Men Against Breast Cancer, a non-profit organization in Washington, DC/Maryland that educates men on how they can help keep the women in their lives healthy and informed about breast cancer.
 You may also make a direct donation on their website here: Men Against Breast Cancer. Each bracelet is made to order in New York with natural 10mm volcanic lava rock, black onyx and pink quartz. 
Charity Collection

Spiritual Buddha Bracelets for Meditation by BOYBEADS New York

Is your internal compass guiding you to purge negative people and situations from your life?  Are you feeling more in tune with the universe lately? Are you feeling more emotional than usual? Have long term relationships in your life been falling apart this month? Do you have complex questions that nobody can answer but you?

If so, you are feeling the vibrations of Virgo season! This is the season for self reflection and soul searching. This is the time to clean up your house and your life. Get rid of people who are not contributing to your higher goals in life. Delete useless contacts from your phone. Break those habits that no longer represent the lifestyle you want to live. This is to season to create the life you want! A little meditation and time alone for reflection can be extremely helpful on your journey.

Ask Buddha is perfect for meditation or as your good luck charm. Let this custom bracelet set be your constant reminder that your steps are divinely guided. Let it be your goal to act with courage, dignity and integrity as you go about your life. You do not have to be a practicing Buddhist to enjoy the energy that Buddha represents.
*Set of 2 bracelets.

Made to order in NYC with stainless steel buddha head and spacers, 8mm red tiger's eye, black onyx, hematite accent beads, optional logo. Stainless steel does not lose it's color or luster and does not need polishing. It is a very low maintenance and high quality metal.

Red tiger's eye comes from South Africa and is well known as a simulator of a more active sex drive. It has superb striped banding and shines brilliantly in natural sunlight. Believed to build confidence and self esteem.

Chakra: Root

Hematite is mineral iron oxide that is worn for protection, grounding and absorbing negative energy from the body. It helps relieve stress.

Chakra: Root

Which buddha bracelet is best for me?

Ask Buddha is available with 5 varieties of stones to suit your preferences. Each has a different energy and you should select the one that resonates best with you. When you see it, you will know which one too choose. Trust your internal compass to make the right decision.

Tiger's Eye is a member of the quartz family and is a protective stone carried as a talisman against ill wishes. It grounds and facilitates manifestation of the will and balances yin and yang energies.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Zodiac: Capricorn

Planet: Sun

Blue tiger eye is believed to reduce stress and calm the nerves. It is primarily found in Brazil and Canada. It also has the properties of brown tiger eye- protection, especially during travel by plane.

Chakra: Third Eye; Throat

Green Aventurine
Known as the "Stone of Opportunity". Just like many other green stones like malachite and verdict, green aventurine is commonly worn to manifest prosperity, luck and wealth.

Energy: Stress relief, tranquility, prosperity

Chakra: Heart

Taiwan Jade/nephrite is a highly prized stone in Asian countries and is used in talismans, religious ceremonies, weddings, and many important celebrations. It is believed to represent beauty, purity and grace.

Energy: Protection from danger; promotes positive personal changes

Chakra: Heart

Pairing a hematite bracelet with your buddha bracelet is a wonderful idea. Hematite is really good for all occasions and has excellent energy. It has a hefty weight and keeps a cool temperature. Hematite is great for the root chakra and it matches with every other color.

Henry is hard working and a very dependable man. He is simple and straightforward. Henry does not like to waste time and has a very direct method of getting whatever he desires. He simply asks outright and puts all the cards on the table. His methods always bring about his desires.
Hematite is mineral iron oxide that is worn for protection, grounding and absorbing negative energy from the body. It helps relieve stress.

Wearing Black Tourmaline Crystal for Protection and Grounding

Necklace by BOYBEADS New York, NY Black tourmaline is, in my opinion, the best crystal anyone can wear for grounding and protection f...