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Spiritual Buddha Bracelets for Meditation by BOYBEADS New York

Is your internal compass guiding you to purge negative people and situations from your life?  Are you feeling more in tune with the universe lately? Are you feeling more emotional than usual? Have long term relationships in your life been falling apart this month? Do you have complex questions that nobody can answer but you?

If so, you are feeling the vibrations of Virgo season! This is the season for self reflection and soul searching. This is the time to clean up your house and your life. Get rid of people who are not contributing to your higher goals in life. Delete useless contacts from your phone. Break those habits that no longer represent the lifestyle you want to live. This is to season to create the life you want! A little meditation and time alone for reflection can be extremely helpful on your journey.

Shop the Spiritual Collection at BOYBEADS

Ask Buddha is perfect for meditation or as your good luck charm. Let this custom bracelet set be your constant reminder that your steps…

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