Wearing Black Tourmaline Crystal for Protection and Grounding

Necklace by BOYBEADS New York, NY

Black tourmaline is, in my opinion, the best crystal anyone can wear for grounding and protection for negative energies. Tourmaline cleanses dense energy and transforms it to light, positive energy in people and in space. It grounds and balances all of the chakras and is beneficial for all zodiacs.

Two-tone goldplated .925 sterling silver chain allows for easily interchanging both silver and gold pendants. This chain is lightweight and made in Italy. Stamped P. Lux Italy 925. High quality import.
This elegant chain is a very classy 18 inches long and is good for men and women; Pendant: 1.25 inches including bale; this pendant can be removed from the necklace and worn separately; the necklace can be worn without the pendant. Each black tourmaline pendant is natural and will be similar to the one in the photo but with a slightly different size and cut.
Necklace available at BOYBEADS


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