Verner: A Verrry Special Bracelet- African Jade/Verdite by BOYBEADS

Yes, all of our bracelets are special because they are made to order right here in our New York studio for each customer. Each bead on each bracelet is hand-selected from a bowl of over 500 beads, of which only the highest quality contenders are selected. I like to think of it as a beauty contest amongst the beads. It is a great honor to be selected and proudly displayed on the wrist of a customer who is happy to have you in their collection.

A bowl of verdite beads in our studio.

Verdite/African Jade

Verdite is a variety of muscovite, a South African stone dating back millions of years. It gets its natural green hue from the presence of chromium in its environment. 

South Africans have used this stone to carve important cultural artworks for many centuries. They are highly collectible and can fetch thousands of dollars at auction.

Verdite Bust by Tendaye Tandi -$2,275 from EclecticalCo
Above photo property of EclecticalCo
Color has darkened due to age and oxidation of stone.

 Meet Verner, a new bracelet composed of rare light green African jade beads throughout. As you know, most African jade beads are dark green with a little banding. However, on each 15" strand of jade, there is usually 1 bead that has the light green hue featured on Verner. This coloring is due to the environmental conditions in which the beads were formed and this is completely up to Mother Nature to decide. 

Please notice in the above photo that most of the verdite beads are dark green. Gathering 21 beads for a 7.75" bracelet of all light green verdite requires cutting 21 strands of beads (perhaps more). Because of this, owning such a bracelet is quite a treat. Because of its rarity, the price for a bracelet like Verner is significantly higher than a darker bracelet constructed with the same stone. 

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