Question: Why Are Some Bracelets More Expensive than Others?

How are they made?

Everything begins with a thought. Although a completed BOYBEADS bracelet is a single object, it is comprised of many individual parts that are carefully combined to create an organic flow that inspires a specific feeling or mood in the person who wears it. 

When designing new collections, these are some of the thoughts that occur in my mind:
  • What is the purpose of this collection?
  • From what geographic areas do the stones in this collection originate?
  • What is the chemical composition of the elements in this bracelet and how will they interact?
  • What is happening in the world around me right now?
  • What can I do to help?
  • What charitable organization will this collection benefit?
  • What type of customer will this bracelet attract?
  • How will my customers feel when they wear this bracelet?
  • Does this bracelet feel harmonious?
  • What can be improved about this bracelet?
  • How will the stones on this bracelet age?
  • How much does this bracelet cost to produce?
  • How much time does this bracelet take to produce?
  • What is the advertising budget for this collection?
  • What is the target audience of this collection?
  • Where will I advertise this collection? 
  • For how long will this collection remain available for production?
Summer 2018 Collection
African Turquoise Jasper

African turquoise is actually a variety of jasper and not in the turquoise family. It gets its name because it looks like turquoise. Known as the "stone of evolution" this is a wonderful stone for manifesting changes in your life. This is a great stone for self-development and personal growth. It will help you come to peace with your past to better prepare for right now and for the future. In this collection, we pair African turquoise with volcanic lava rock, black onyx, mahogany wood, sponge coral, lapis lazuli, African jade and hematite for an incredibly powerful boost of stability and confidence as we prepare for the changes on our planet as we enter the Age of Aquarius- a 2,000 year zodiacal period of enlightenment. Get ready to be wowed by your own greatness! Step out of your own way and move into the light!

Chakra: Third Eye- Awakens spiritual body; knowledge of self

Creating Kanye
When you observe our Kanye bracelet, how does it make you feel? 
What do you think about it? 
What kind of person would this bracelet attract? 

In Hawaiian culture this name means "free".
In African culture this name means "tribute; honor".

This bracelet was designed for a free-spirited person who spends his life searching for beauty. Someone with a sincere appreciation for the arts. Someone who bores easily and needs to keep their mind occupied. A person who enjoys being a part of humanity. A person who always has something good to say in every situation. 

Kanye is embellished with six varieties of stones, vintage metal spacers and a vintage logo. Even with all this adornment, he doesn't call attention to himself in a showy way. Still, some people would certainly find Kanye too busy- and that's okay. Different strokes! The customer who buys a Kanye bracelet will be very important and keep a busy schedule. They value time and will do anything to avoid wasting it. They are neat, organized, and keep a tidy house. This person is very responsible, appreciates order, and has a clear mind. He or she will enjoy nature and spend time outdoors appreciating the beauty of plants, animals and the earth.

 Bracelets made with a large variety of of materials/stones are usually significantly more expensive than bracelets made with only 1 stone type because they require more time and care to create. All six varieties of stones used in the Kanye bracelet must be removed from their storage bowls and displayed on flat trays so we may select the finest quality beads to construct the bracelet. 

All of our beaded bracelets are made-to-order in New York, NY and are never imported pre-assembled.

A bracelet like Kanye with so many unique parts will take about 500% more time to construct than Aruj, with only two bead varieties and no spacers.

A necklace strung on 49 strand wire requires even more attention to detail and much expertise.


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