BOYBEADS For Your Valentine

There are 24 days until Valentine's Day! Are you scrambling to find a suitable gift for the special men in your life? Don't bother coming home with another boring tie or a black leather belt. Spice things up a bit, why don't ya? 
Surprise your beau with something different this year. Send a very special gift and a hand-written note to express your appreciation for the special people in your life. Remember, you are special too! Don't be afraid to treat yourself. Here are our top picks to gift your beau this Valentine's Day.

Rico is perfection, but he doesn't even know it. Go on a date with Rico and you have his full attention. He isn't interested in social media and only wants to talk to you. Rico really listens to you when you speak, and he looks for thoughtful ways to make you smile.
Made in our New York studio with 10mm cherry red agate, alloy metal, optional logo.
Agate is a natural stone that exists in a wide variety of hues; agate encourages inner stability, maturity and self confidence.
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Limited Edition for Valentine's Day 2018. 

Valence is strong, dark and terribly suave. Be careful- he's very charming and knows just what to say to accomplish his mission- whatever that may be. Before you realize it, a small conversation with Valence can easily turn into you writing a check to support his newest venture. You've been notified!
Made in our New York studio with 10mm polished black onyx, gold hematite, white coral, XL red coral nugget
Chakra: Root
Black Onyx jewelry provides the strength to endure physically and mentally stressful situations. It is believed to heal old injuries and release grief and sorrow. Onyx promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina. It alleviates fears and helps guide wise decision making. Onyx balances yin and yang energies within the body.
Limited Edition for Valentine's Day 2018. 

Ask Buddha is perfect for meditation or as your good luck mala. Howlite is a stone for calming and purity. Made to order in NYC.
Limited Edition: Only 5 in stock.
8mm white howlite, XL natural red coral nuggets, silver hematite round spacers, sterling silver toggle clasp, 316L stainless steel buddha pendant, 49 strand jewelers steel wire (can withstand 40 pounds of weight or force)
Measures 26.5 inches long; Pendant: 2 5/8 inches including bale; this pendant cannot be removed from the necklace; this necklace cannot be worn without the attached pendant. This necklace can be pulled over most heads without being unhooked.

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