Inside the Male Mind- Why Men Buy Black Accessories

​You'd probably think summertime would inspire the guys to dive hand first into bright colored wrist candy, but nope. Not at all. An overwhelming majority of our spring/summer bracelet orders are pretty much the same as our fall/winter orders.
Guys tend to like our black onyx and lava bracelets more than anything else. But why? Did they simply hate the summer collection? Was it too colorful? Too trendy? My mind wandered over hundreds of possible reasons why our customers prefer to stick to the basics and not play around with color more.
Often times, complex studies and sample groups are not necessary to determine the behavior of customers. You read it here, but don't expect to hear that beautiful truth from a marketing professional. Sometimes, people do things for very obvious reasons.  When it rains, we retreat indoors.  When we're hungry, we eat. When we shop, we buy things we like. It doesn't really take a rocket scientist to get to those conclusions.
Assuming that a customer is logical and rational, he will purchase items that he likes and that suit his personal style. If male customers overwhelmingly purchase black accessories, it can be reasonably determined that they like these items because they suit the customers' personal style and taste. Simple. That's it. People buy what they like, and they like black accessories.
But, why?
1) Black is easy. It matches everything and requires little thought to pair with other accessories. Put it on and go.
2) Black is safe. When concerned about dress codes, black is usually a good choice. Your spouse will approve.
3) Black is quiet. It is understated and doesn't beg for attention.
4) Black is timeless. Being trendy is expensive. Seasonal items look dated once the trend is over. Buy black and it stands the test of time. It never looks dated or out of style.
5) Black is masculine and signifies power. Wearing black is an easy way to increase your manliness-factor. Batman wears black. Presidents of nations wear black. CEOs wear black. 
6) Black is professional. You can get away with black accessories even in an upscale office environment.
7) Black is mysterious. It suggests that a man doesn't readily reveal too much abut himself. If you want to know about him, you'll have to roll up your sleeves and do some research. 
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