Richie by BOYBEADS 10mm premium natural green malachite bead bracelet for guys

You guessed it- Richie is loaded- but he's not flashy with his wealth. He's so wealthy that he actually doesn't want people to know, so he tries his darnedest to fit in with the regular people. You know, taking the subway sometimes, eating fast food and such...He doesn't really have to work a regular job, but he has attempted. It just never really seems to work out long term.. Are you Richie? 10mm natural green malachite beads made to order in New York, NY.
Malachite and lapis lazuli are two of the most highly prized semi-precious stones before entering the category of rubies, sapphires and diamonds. If you are accustomed to the finer things in life, Richie is a beauty to consider adding to your collection. Natural malachite comes from different parts of the world (Chile, Australia and Zaire predominately) and each region develops a unique color and banding of the stone.
Beliefs About Malachite
Brings prosperity and fortune/Stone of love/Transformation/ Protection from Evil/Spiritual Meditation

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