What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway- More Accessories, Less Clothing.

Amtrak ticket booked. Brunch table reserved. Camera battery charged. Sounds like someone's off to a great start. But what should a fashionable gent pack when going away for a day or two? Here's what I think- Keep the clothing at a minimum... Load up on accessories.

Don't be that guy who brought 10 changes of clothing and 6 pairs of shoes for a weekend trip. Why not? Because it's just ridiculous! Oh how quickly will that excess luggage become a hinderance to your mobility. Leave it at home!

Of course, you must pack for the occasion for which you are traveling. If you are going for a wedding, bring your best suit and dress shoes and a maximum of two other outfits. However, the key to smart traveling is not to bring too much. A versatile blazer, dark jeans and khakis will be your staples. A white button down shirt and two t-shirts will carry you through the weekend perfectly. Spice up this boring ensemble with a few colorful accessories and it's a go!

Have fun gents!