Interview with Harlem & Beyond Blog

I had the pleasure of meeting Latoya of the Harlem & Beyond blog for coffee and good laughs at Lenox Coffee in Harlem. Check out the blog for useful information about all the happenings north of 96th Street. 

Meet Sebastian Mitchell, founder of BOYBEADS and  a stylish individual. I met him at the Sugar Hill Market x Maison d’Art  and was instantly attracted to his velvet black loafers, fur collar and  beautiful display of accessories for men. So I had to chat with him at my favorite place, Lenox Coffee to learn more.

Sebastian’s Personal Style
When I asked Sebastian about his personal style he stated, “I found myself and then I found my personal style.” He describes his style as simple and classic. Like a true New Yorker, he predominantly wears black; embellishing his classic style with accessories like watches, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.

Background on Sebastian and BOYBEADS:
Born and raised in the backwoods of Alabama, Sebastian describes himself as a “country bumpkin.” At one point, Sebastian was enrolled at Drexel University to get a Masters in Public Health. After one semester, he left because he realized his true passion was making accessories for men. Following his true calling, he founded BOYBEADS in 2011, a handmade accessory line for men.
BOYBEADS features well curated accessories made of natural stones from different parts of the world like Egypt. Originally, for men Sebastian has expanded BOYBEADS to now include us ladies.

BOYBEADS are only sold online or at local markets in NYC. When asked about his inspiration for BOYBEADS he stated, “I want men to feel comfortable with men having an interest in fashion. It’s okay to be a guy who likes to stay current and look good. Fashion is not a realm reserved for women only. I want BOYBEADS to be the first stop for men who appreciate natural stone accessories of high quality.”