BOYBEADS Vintage Creation- Black Onyx Necklace with vintage Chanel pendant

Limited Edition necklace. Only 1 piece available. This is a handmade in New York 6mm (very small beads) polished black onyx necklace with a vintage Chanel  zipper pull as the centerpiece/pendant. **This is not *a Chanel necklace". It is a BOYBEADS necklace with a Chanel pendant attached. BOYBEADS is in no way affiliated with Chanel TM.
This pendant is from a vintage authentic Chanel caviar handbag from the late 1980s. The necklace measures 21.5 inches long and is must be unhooked with the lobster clasp to go over most heads. This necklace is made on heavy duty stainless steel wire that can withstand up to 40 pounds of weight or force. It is closed with 4 heavy duty silver stoppers and a gold plated sterling silver lobster clasp.
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