Limited Edition BOYBEADS "Bow to the Panther" Sterling Silver Panther Animal Head Bracelet for Men

"Bow to the Panther"
Materials: 8mm natural bright red coral, dark green malachite, matte & shiny black onyx, sterling silver, CZ. All natural, top grade A beads.
The panther pounces from overhead tree branches onto the neck of his prey, completely stunning the helpless victim who never saw him coming. Black panthers can adapt to any climate and survive extreme heat or cold.
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  1. I've been looking for silver rings for men to give my boyfriend. We're getting engaged in the fall. But I think I'll go for one of these gorgeous bracelets to give him an engagment present. This is way better than a 'management' ring. And he doesn't need to wear a bracelet at work!

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