BOYBEADS "Night & Day" Men's Beaded Bracelet- Gold/Silver Moon

Twinkle, twinkle little star...

Limited edition bracelet from our Spring 2014 collection. She is handmade in New York from all natural rock stones. Securely strung by hand with top quality elastic stretch string. If you also make jewelry or crafts, then you can take on look at this bracelet and know that it is time consuming to make. It has 9 different varieties of beads and spacers and a very specific pattern that must be followed. Please notice the matching spacers placed on each side of the moon charms. Placing these spacers is perhaps the most difficult part of making this piece. They must be in exactly the right alignment to fit. This bracelet was recently redesigned to include a blue bead with silver sparkles (sandstone) instead of a solid blue agate. It really ties in the idea of a night sky with twinkling stars.
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