The Homeless Problem in America- BOYBEADS "Spare Change" Black Onyx Men's Bead Bracelet for Charity

This is a problem that will not solve itself.

"While circumstances can vary, the main reason people experience homelessness is because they cannot find housing they can afford. It is the scarcity of affordable housing in the United States, particularly in more urban areas where homelessness is more prevalent, that is behind their inability to acquire or maintain housing.
  • There are 610,042 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the United States.
  • Of that number, 222,197 are people in families, and
  • 387,845 are individuals.
  • About 18 percent of the homeless population - 109,132 - are considered "chronically homeless,"and
  • About 9 percent of homeless adults- 57,849 - are veterans."

10mm matte black onyx beads + 2 10mm smooth black lava beads with 92.5% sterling silver penny coin pendant. Strung on 3 strands of high quality stretchy string and securely sealed.
Have you ever been asked for spare change by a homeless person? Were you concerned that your donations would not be used responsibly? Non-profit organizations like SOME make it easy to give to the cause without this fear.
A percentage of net sales will be donated to SOME (So Others Might Eat) a Washington, DC non-profit organization that feeds, clothes, assists in job training and provides medical care for the homeless and poor.
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