Maison Eric Kayser- Best Almond Croissant I've Ever Tasted- Bryant Park New York

Today has been the loveliest day Manhattan has seen in months! It doesn't quite feel like spring, but the situation is much more pleasant than it has been recently. To celebrate today's splendor, I decided to pop into Maison Eric Kayser across the street from Bryant Park for my pastry of choice- the almond croissant.

I have a deeply rooted love-hate relationship with almond croissants. Although they are incredibly tasty, I always find myself feeling loads of guilt by the fourth bite. You know, the sugar content, carbs, etc, etc... Alas, this guilt has never been strong enough to stop me from swiping my card at the register, so I suppose I should stop mentioning it. There is a lovely French patisserie in Harlem around 120th street that keeps me coming back. After having their almond croissant, I thought I've never experience one comparable. Today, I discovered that I was entirely wrong.

I stumbled into Eric Kayser after my eyes drew me in to see the fresh window display of today's newly baked breads. I continued to walk further into the shop when something incredible happened- my eyes rested upon a display of fresh almond croissants. It was love at first sight. I didn't care how much it would cost or whether or not there were seats available for me to sit and enjoy this beauty. I just had to have it. And so I did just that. I paid the friendly cashier and went about my merry way. I had only made it around the corner -almost to Zara on 41st Street- before my inquisitive mind got the best of me. I stormed across the busy Fifth Avenue sidewalk, through a group of tourists taking a group photo in front of the landmark New York Public Library- and plopped my rump into the first available seat to delve into that lovely croissant from Eric Kayser. I felt sorry for the couple at a neighboring table as I observed them preparing to partake of two blueberry muffins they'd just purchased from a sidewalk vendor nearby. I knew they'd be jealous of my treasure, so I tried my best not to taunt them with it. Well, not too much.

I thought I'd faint from the burst of texture, flavor and excitement I experienced in the first bite of this delicacy. I felt the splendor of royalty as I continued on my journey in love. For the first time in my life, I knew what it was like to be privileged and pampered with such tasty baked creations enjoyed by the residents of the multitude of multi-million dollar condos along Fifth Avenue. As I neared the end of my sweet and savory experience, I devised my exit strategy. Since I'm terrible with goodbyes, I gobbled up the last bite like a cheap drunk slurping up the last drop of a happy hour well drink at 6:59 PM.

I knew I'd made a new friend in Eric Kayser.



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