Men- Bigger is NOT Always Better- on Beaded Bracelets for Guys

Not every accessory for men has to be large! BOYBEADS' new 6mm "Jackson" collection is certain proof of that fact. Sure, some macho guys have to drive huge SUVs- even if they are single and never carpool. There are also men who buy huge condos in the city or estates in the country just because they can. Then there's the guy who super sizes every meal and washes it down with 3 beers. We get it! You're a man. However, sometimes, smaller is better. In fact, oftentimes, smaller is better. Due to popular demand for smaller beaded bracelets, we will soon release a collection of mens beaded bracelets in 6mm beads. They will be available in a variety of stones, sizes and may be customized.

Now in very small 6mm natural beads with pave crystal bling bar of solid .925 sterling silver (not plated) studded with tiny CZ crystals all around are these stunning new BOYBEADS bracelets.
Choose your favorite or buy them all.
Choose from natural green malachite, tiger's eye, or matte black onyx. More options to come.

Coming Soon

Green Malachite, tiger's eye, matte black onyx BOYBEADS mens stretch bead bracelets with small 6mm beads
6mm Small Malachite Beads by BOYBEADS