Honor of the Elephant- Natural stone bead bracelet w/ gold elephant charm

This is one of the coolest and most significant special orders we've seen to date! Every aspect of it's creation has a special meaning. The stone is a rare (and quite expensive) multicolored, naturally occurring stone from Australia.

We were lucky enough to chance upon a few strands of this beautiful bead at a bead shop in New York. Each bead is cut from a different part of the stone and will have a unique pattern or "marbling". No two beads are exactly the same. This is the beauty of buying natural beads.

It has two goldtone accent pieces as a representation of stability. The green stretchy string used to make this bracelets represents life, nature, fertility and well being. The elephant has, for centuries, represented these qualities: strength, honor, patience, stability, power, royalty, temperance, patience, and chastity. * Click here to buy only one bracelet, or buy the 2-piece set.