Boybeads- Handmade Bracelets for Men on YouTube. See Them in Action!

Today I met with a client in New York's Bryant Park for a special order consultation. The park was so beautiful and peaceful that I was inspired to take a bit of it with me and share it with as many people as possible. Hence the following video.

Who wouldn't be cheerful while sipping on a freshly brewed hot coffee and collaborating to create an entire collection of custom bracelets for a very supportive customer and friend? It was just awesome! Off I go to Fifth Avenue to shop for natural stone beads, sterling silver lobster and toggle closures and new additions!

Guess who joined the YouTube community today? Boybeads did! Why let a fun video (complete with a live band performance in the background..just watch it) go to waste? Find us online at for regular updates and front row footage of our newest products and special events. Seeing these creations in action, being worn, moving around and sparkling in the sunlight is just the motivation one needs to get excited about what we're doing at Boybeads this fall!

Fall is my favorite season of the year, so please expect lots of new designs, more videos than you will have time to watch, and a constantly updated new inventory selection. This fall, we will have several unique designs, many with only piece in stock. Quality over quantity comes to mind.

About the Video
The pieces in this video are bright, colorful and fun! Check our YouTube channel for our classics. The classic collection is more business, less play. It features darker colors, less sparkle, and  pieces for the traditional man. Just don't call it boring. Shop the collection on our website.
A Closer Look

Thank you for joining us on our journey. This is only the beginning. Surely, the best is yet to come!