Toggle vs. Stretchy String Bracelets- What's the Big Difference?

Toggle versus Stretchy String Bracelet Closures. Which do you prefer?

My bracelet popped.
My bracelet is too large.
My bracelet  is too tight.
My bracelet is too casual to dress up.

Toggle clasp closures!

The Inside Scoop

Stretchy elastic string bracelets are awesome! They always have been, and they will continue to be awesome. Why? There are so many reasons why natural stone beaded bracelets constructed by hand are well loved by so many. One size (7.5 inches) will fit most men and women just fine. There is no need for adjustment or expensive alterations. They are easy to put on and take off quickly. And, most importantly, they are much more affordable to buy due to the less expensive materials used in their production.

However, sometimes, we fall in love with a particular stone or bracelet design and we desire a more durable piece of jewelry that will be with us for the long run. Stretchy elastic string will do, but something more durable would be much better. My friend, you need a custom bracelet by #boybeads constructed with heavy duty wire and steel toggle or lobster clasp closure. Upgrade! You won't regret it.

What's So Different?

BoyBeads that are made with toggle or lobster clasp closures are made with heavy duty wire instead of the stretchy string. Because of the pricier materials and extra production time they are more expensive but well worth the extra cost. We'll tell you why.

1) They are very durable and long lasting. (Estimated useful life of 600 wears makes average cost per wear at $0.06 given sales price of $40.00)
2) The closures are made of 100% solid stainless steel (other metals available by special order).
3)  The hardware retains its natural color.
4) They are a little more "dressy" and can be worn with many types of clothing.
5) You choose your wire color and toggle closure color/metal.
6) Special requests available for custom bracelet/necklace designs.

New bracelets and necklaces will are now available at with several options for closures. If you don't see the combination you like, e-mail us by clicking this link to request it!

Which do you prefer? Tell us. Please vote below.

How do you like your bracelet closures?