SAT VERBAL- Definition of DOPE [as relates to BoyBeads]

In years past, it could be reasonably understood that "dope" was a word that had a negative connotation. It could have related to the use of the drug heroine or simply to a person with bad personality attributes. Oh, how the world has changed!

But exactly what does dope mean today? It all depends on the audience. In some instances, it can mean exactly what it meant 20 years ago. Meanwhile, in other instances, dope is word used to describe something that is completely awesome in a positive light.

"Dopeness" is the state  of being wanted, desired, and absolutely amazing. It can refer to an individual, a material thing (bracelet, handbag, shoes) or almost anything that exists. A thought or an idea could even be dope. Personally, I find the idea of being chauffeured on a gondola in Venice to be completely dope. No, seriously. If I could drop everything and move to Italy today, I would never look back.

In conclusion, the point of this article is that our new natural wood boybeads bracelets are dope! These natural wood bracelets are designed with men in mind, but can be worn by women also. Our standard bracelet measures 7.5 inches long (the standard wrist size for adult men). The good news is that 7.5 inches is also the standard wrist size for adult women. In short, any bracelet on our website should fit the wrist of an average man or woman perfectly. So, if you like it, buy it- regardless of your gender. Please e-mail for questions or custom size requests.

About our Wood Bracelets

1) They are available in two different shades of wood:
 * Light brown wood
 * Dark brown wood

2) They are available with or without the shiny pave crystal bead.

3) They are made with 3 strands of strong stretchy elastic material for extra durability.

4) They are all natural lightweight wood and you will probably forget that you are wearing   them.

 5) They are DOPE (in a good way)!