Studded Clothing & Accessories- Spendy Trendy or Not?

It seems that new studded clothing, shoes, and accessories are popping up almost daily. Celebrities and wealthy socialites are constantly photographed parading around town "be-studded" in thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing and accessories. So, what say the fashion Gods on studs?

Are they simply spendy trendy pieces that will be forgotten and dated next season, or will they still wow onlookers for  years to come? It seems that fashionistas around the globe have not yet decided to abandon these weaponly accessories...At least not until something gets confiscated by airport security.

When I first recognized studs popping up into designer collections a few years ago, I definitely thought the pieces would not become popular and soon find themselves crumbled in the dusty bins of  stores the likes of Filene's Basement. 

#Studs - a trending topic on twitter and quite a popular hashtag on instagram don't seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Our advice? Go stud crazy!!  We find them very expressive, quite striking and extremely useful in the event of a bar fight!

Introducing BoyBeads new studded bracelet. Available on our website here.

BoyBeads studded leather bracelet.


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