Safely Storing Your Bracelets from BoyBeads

Now that you have your beautiful handcrafted bracelets from BoyBeads (or wherever your purchase your jewelry), you surely want to store them somewhere safe. But where? Perhaps in a jewelry box or on a bracelet stand.

Most BoyBeads are crafted with materials that can withstand most environments- they can even be left out on a table top or dresser, if you prefer. However, don't bracelets looks so much better when they are kept together in an organized manner?

You will not have to tear your bedroom apart looking for them because you can always store them in the same place. That is, if you have a T-bar for displaying and storing your bracelets. Meet the t-bar bracelet stand. They only cost a few dollars but oh what a big difference they make when it comes to organization.
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What is the t-bar?

It is a simple rolled stand crafted with wood covered in black velvet. When the stand is completed, it resembles the letter "t" from the English alphabet. This is the perfect way to safely store your bracelets (of any kind). It keeps the surface from scratching on rough surfaces and it also gives you a beautiful display of your favorite pieces to look at every day. Quite pleasing to the eyes!

BoyBeads on a t-bar

BoyBeads stacked on a t-bar