The Real Symbolism of Skulls- Why People Love Skull Tattoos, Art and Jewelry

I can remember being creeped out by skulls as a child. I thought they were for weird Gothic types who attended midnight seance ceremonies and suicide parties. How silly I was! The symbolism of the skull is actually one that shows much respect and appreciation for life. 

For centuries, the skull has served as a gentle reminder of the brevity of human life in comparison to eternity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the human life expectancy is 78.7 years (in the USA). Although 78.7 years is significantly longer than the lifespan of many plants and animals, it is quite insignificant when compared to that of others. Bristlecone pine trees, for example, have lived to be over 5,000 years old, according to National Geographic. It is fascinating to consider that many generations of humans will have lived and died within the lifetime of one of these long-living trees. 

Skull tattoos, art and jewelry have been celebrated by humans for centuries. Why? It is commonly believed that a person who sees the beauty in the skull has arrived at a place in life where he or she is comfortable with the idea of death. As we grow older, our skin wrinkles and our youth fades- we begin to look more and more like skulls. We eventually die, and as the body decomposes, it is reduced to bones- like that of the skull.  As humans, we must accept the known truth that we will all die at some point in the future. 

Misao Okawa, currently the world's oldest living person, recently celebrated her 116th birthday in Japan. One must feel fortunate to outlive the life expectancy of 78.7 years.

Misao Okawu- Photo property of

Damien Hurst's platinum and diamond "For the Love of God" skull art 
Damien Hurst's platinum and diamond "For the Love of God" skull art
Alexander McQueen Skull Embroidered men's velvet slippers

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 The skull is not used to arise fear or evil- rather, as a token of respect for human life and of remembrance of those no longer among the living. Many people embrace this by having custom tattoos placed on their bodies by artists.

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Others wear skull jewelry as it can be easily worn daily and customized to their individual liking. This set of custom men's beaded bracelets by BOYBEADS uses natural black onyx and tiger's eye stones from natural rocks in the ground accented by solid brass skulls. 
Skull Bracelets from

The Ultimate Stainless Steel 3 Skull, Crossbones Shamballa Adjustable Bracelet with Black Onyx Beads and CZ 12MM

BOYBEADS Tiger's eye men's skull beaded bracelet for guys


  1. That's a great explanation! Thank you. My mother-in-law asked me, with such disgust in her voice, after seeing a picture of me wearing a skull shirt, "why do people like skulls? Why are they all over? Why do they wear them?" She caught me so off guard all I could say was, "because they're cool and why not, we all have one!" Lol! But I like this explanation better so I will be sending it along to her and see what she says😟😬🤪💀😁

  2. Thank you! I've been fascinated with skulls for years! I've created artwork with ceramics, as well as incorporated skulls in my wardrobe through jewelry and clothing. I've never understood where my fascination came from. Now I know!

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