The Allure of the Hermes Clic H Bracelet- Guys/Men Wearing Hermes Bracelets

What is it that makes fashion lovers around the globe so thrilled to spend $650 on a palladium (plated) and enamel bracelet? I am but certain that every fashion designer wants to know how Hermes does it.

Hermes currently sells its "Clic H" bracelet for $650, but the company is known to have several price increases of 5%-10% yearly due to increasing demand for its products. 

It can be reasonably stated that everyone who know anything about fashion is familiar with "the H bracelet". I remember a time when I'd get excited to see someone else wearing one. Owning this bracelet was like buying into a private club whose members had the similar tastes, ideas and appreciation for art and fashion. I saved up my pennies to purchase my first signature Clic H bracelet while a student in college in Washington, DC. I wore it for days before taking it off. I found myself gazing down at it during presentations in class. There was something about wearing this little bracelet that increased my confidence and made me feel a little more special. I know it sounds silly, but it is true. This is the effect of a great quality product and stellar marketing by Hermes. When a product becomes coveted, it becomes iconic- timeless and loved the masses.

But why is it coveted? There are a multitude of reasons. Some people suggest that Hermes products are in such high demand because they are  status symbols and people want to be associated with such a famous luxury brand. Perhaps there is some truth in this suggestion. Who does't want to be in with "the cool crowd"? But, getting people to dig deep into their pockets must require more than a simple promise of increased status.

Alas, I find it difficult to imagine people coveting an item that is readily available at a low cost. Can you imagine a drove of shoppers eager to buy a $5 bracelet Jack's? No. This easy accessibility kills the idea of scarcity. 

I love to see men wearing fashionable luxuries and not being afraid to do so. I do wonder who created the idea that men should not look stylish. That person should be found and hanged. Yeah, I said it. Plain, old fashioned men should realize that they would attract so many more women if they made even a small effort to look stylish.

Orange Hermes Clic H and BOYBEADS black onyx beaded bracelet

Guy in Wide Hermes Clic H bracelet
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Guy in Hermes Kelly Briefcase and bracelets (photo source unknown)
Guy in Hermes bracelets and belt- Kelly dog bracelet and Clic H (photo source unknown)
Photo property of mdjice
Photo property of mdjice
BOYBEADS and Hermes

BOYBEADS bracelets and Hermes Clic H

BOYBEADS bracelets and Hermes Clic H


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